The Mum that Motivates!

Hello, I'm Jen, thanks for joining me. 

I'm a Qualified Nutrition Consultant, and fitness coach. I also have three insanely crazy kids! 

Having three young children, very close together, and an active Firefighter husband, I totally understand how challenging family life can be.  Sleep deprivation, and the typical stressors of everyday life can be overwhelming.

I've been there myself, and this experience means I'm able to provide you with the exact support you need. There's so much confusing information out there, that it can be overwhelming knowing what to believe

My advice is founded from evidenced based recommendations, no quirky trends, or dangerous quick fixes. Working together, we will be able to create a habitually healthy lifestyle, equipping you with skills for the rest of your life.

Get Motivated & be healthy with your kids!


Copywriting Services for FitPro's

I currently provide credited content for magazines, websites, blogs, social media pages and subscription emails. Ranging from detailed articles with cited scientific sources, to simpler website content creation, and mini blogs.

Additionally, I have connected with many highly regarded fitness professionals, providing ghost writing services, in the utmost confidence.

Experience includes; structural / grammatical edits, rewrites, full content creation from a pre agreed structured brief. 

My ghost writing experience ranges from as little as 250 words for social media content, up to 30000 words for e-books and other educational material.