I've been there......

I've got 3 kids all, born between 2007 - 2010

None of them slept well as babies, (they're still not great now) I really do understand how incredibly hard it is.

So how did I survive the baby years, and keep fit?

Before I had kids, my perception of "exercise" was a measly walk or cycling on a bike half heartedly.

I wish I could say that I woke up one day and had a lightbulb moment, but no, that's not true.

It was a slow process, which started after I had our first son.
When our 2nd son was born 17months later, our lives pretty much turned upside down.
Neither of my boys slept, which meant, I didn't sleep.

I was teetering on the edge of sanity in all honestly.

I got into the HABIT going for a walk with a double buggy every morning. It became my routine. No matter what the weather!

The boys would usually sleep, but the biggest bonus, was that I would get an hours peace. A little moment of self reward..... peace!

All I had to do was put one foot in front of the other and walk.

Over the months, the distance I walked every morning slowly increased until I was averaging over 6 miles a day.

Walking pretty much saved my sanity, but it also gave me a psychological connection to feeling better after doing something physical, which really helped me cope with the stressors of motherhood.

Just as my second son turned one, we had a discovery.... We were expecting, again!

I carried on walking every morning. Somewhat reduced as morning sickness had kicked in.

It wasn't all sunshine & rainbows. Some days the boys would scream and hit each other, pull each other's hats & gloves off and cry.

I knew many of their story books off by heart so if they didn't sleep, I'd recite a story whilst walking, or sing nursery rhymes, alternating between running and walking (to add a bit of excitement to their buggy ride) but unknowingly I was actually doing a type of interval training.

I remember one occasion when we had a flat tyre 6 miles from home. Getting home that day was a challenge! But I did it, all of it, & I survived.

After my daughter was born, my eldest son turned 3 and started nursery. This gave me a few hours in a morning, with just 2 children.

I continued walking every morning, until my second son started nursery a year later. At which point I thought about what other "exercises" I could do at home whilst looking after just my baby daughter.

So I searched out some basic DVDs and worked my way through them.

After 6 months, I realised my figure had completely changed. No longer frumpy, but quite skinny and frail looking.
I suppose you could call this my 'lightbulb' moment. I decided my diet of kids left overs, was not going to build the body I wanted, So I began my journey of studying nutrition. Which has lead to completing a fully certified AFN nutrition course.

I started eating regular meals, increased my protein intake and added in the right supplements.

So how did I survive the baby years?

In truth - I don't know!

But I did.

And it made me a pretty strong woman.

I put one foot in front of the other each day, made the best decisions I could with the knowledge I had, and ensured I did something physical every day.

Whether that be a walk with the boys in the buggy and my daughter in the sling, or marching round my living room to "the grand old duke of York" whilst giving my children turns being lifted, or even waiting till they went to bed to do a quick home dvd or circuit.

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle saved my sanity in those early years, and put me on the path I am now.

I'm now fully qualified nutrition consultant, and fitness coach. I'm working on a variety of projects, and areas in nutrition, health, and fitness.

My specialist areas are weight loss, family / childhood nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Finding ways to motivate you to get healthy as a family!

I'm qualified with The Nutrition Academy: a fully AFN certified course - the benchmark in evidence based standards. Additionally, I passed the 12 month SBS Academy, a fully evidence based fitness coaching course.